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FDM/FOQA services: A proactive approach to safety

We are the largest dedicated provider of fully outsourced Flight Data Analysis Services encompassing Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and FDR Readout technology.

We deliver a comprehensive range of innovative FDM/FOQA services, which will allow you to maximize operational efficiency and minimize risk, whether you are large or small, commercial or corporate, operating fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft.

The benefits of implementing an FDM/FOQA program

Identify Risk
Quantify Risk
Assess Risk
Take Appropriate Action
  • Identify significant unsafe events and take appropriate action
  • Perform trend analysis to highlight safety issues
  • Benchmark against the aviation industry
  • Focus training in specific areas (evidence-based training)
  • Minimize Aircraft on Ground (AOG) time
  • Enhance maintenance trending and diagnosis

Outsourcing FDM/FOQA to transform your operation

We believe that outsourcing is the most cost effective method of carrying out your FDM/FOQA, by reducing your overheads of training and recruitment of personnel, covering personnel leave and sickness, provision and maintenance of software and hardware, and the use of flight crew on the routine tasks of the FDM/FOQA process.

With our FDM Service, you receive all the benefits of the in-house option, but you also get:

  • Continuous monitoring of safety events/exceedances
  • Routine (non-event) flight data measurements taken for every flight
  • A team of highly qualified and experienced flight safety specialists performing analysis
  • The highest ratio of analysts to aircraft in the industry
  • Automated maintenance inspection alerts within one hour of download
  • Validated events within one business day of download
  • 24/7 technical support

Providing safety critical insight to aircraft operators

Flight Data Connect is entirely web-based which means you don't have to worry about downloading, maintaining, upgrading or storing software. While we believe we offer an industry-leading FDM/FOQA service, our clients tell us that what we actually give them is security, certainty, and peace of mind.

Flight Data Connect is accessed via a secure browser with access to your data, reporting and statistics available 24/7. You can view your flight data on a PC, tablet or mobile device; our user-friendly platform allows you to review and analyze your data whenever you need it, with the only restriction being the size of the display.

If you would like a demonstration of Flight Data Connect, contact us for more information.

Flight Data Connect – Powerful web-based Flight Data Analysis Platform

We deliver our flight data analysis service using our advanced web & mobile platform Flight Data Connect.

Flight Data Connect is innovative technology developed by us to enable you to view and action your own data simply and easily via a web browser or mobile device.

Flight Data Connect leads the way for higher standards in flight safety

Being web-based, there is no added worry of downloading, maintaining, upgrading or storing software. Flight Data Connect is the latest in FDM technology with faster and easier implementation and the following features:

  • Fully automated data transfer system, eliminating the need for manual manipulation of raw data
  • Easy use by engineering with automatic aircraft identification
  • View your data within 1 hour of upload – check potential maintenance issues fast
  • A benchmarking feature so you can compare your safety program against other operators
  • Integrated advanced visualization tools incorporating sophisticated interactive graphs, cockpit displays and Google maps to view flights, airports, flight paths and event clusters
  • Built-in airport database, detailing international airports, runways and glideslopes
  • Take-off and landing METAR weather reports
  • Robust interactive statistics allowing you to drill down in to your trends
  • Export data to drive your engine trend health monitoring systems
  • Unlimited number of users with comprehensive user access and permissions model
  • Guest access and pilot logins function and triggered pilot email alerts

For more information on Flight Data Connect please click here.


Data Sheet: Flight Data Connect transfer v2.0 - 591.89 kB
Information Sheet: Benefits of Software and Hardware Solutions v1.0 - 61.28 kB
Or contact us for more information.

HFDM/HFOQA: A different approach to helicopter safety

To help you identify and address operational risks and cut down on costs, we offer Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) and Helicopter Flight Operations Quality Assurance (HFOQA) services, providing analysis of your routine flight data.

Our HFDM/HFOQA program can help you to identify the major hazards and risk areas of your operations and enhance training effectiveness and operational, maintenance and engineering procedures, providing objective data that would not otherwise be available. In fact, you can benefit from FDM/FOQA in much the same way the airlines have, by identifying, quantifying, assessing and addressing operational risks. Identify your areas of concern, intervene with remedial measures, and realize a reduction in your event occurrence rates.

We use our fully web-based system to present your detailed safety data wherever you are in the world. Features include integrated advanced visualization tools, which incorporate sophisticated interactive graphs, cockpit displays, 2D/3D maps to view flight paths, heliport and event clusters.

Our HFDM/H-FOQA program can help you to:


  • Minimize and support your AOG recovery time
  • Determine whether Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are being followed
  • Perform detailed trend analysis highlighting safety issues
  • Enhance maintenance trending and diagnosis
  • Receive assistance with investigations
  • Reduce insurance fees & lower operational costs
  • Focus your training efforts
  • View visualizations of specific flights of interest
  • Integrate your data analysis with your Safety Management System (SMS)

Why Choose Flight Data Services for your FDM/FOQA

Flight Data Services offer you more


When it comes to choosing an FDM/FOQA provider, be sure that they have the built-in flexibility and scalability that will maximize your operational efficiency and provide the firm foundations of your safety department.

We are not a software provider – our service is safety


In addition to being the largest dedicated provider of FDM/FOQA Services, Flight Data Services has developed the industry’s leading Flight Data Analysis system with advanced data sharing features, this system powers both Flight Data Connect and the IATA Flight Data eXchange (FDX) program – meaning you can connect to this powerful data sharing network and benefit from benchmarking and advanced statistics and trends.

  • Customer support is our priority – we have dedicated safety centers across the world where technical support is available 24/7
  • Because we are not using traditional software, you never need to download patches or upgrade to newer versions – it's all done by us from our central location
  • We use an agile development methodology; we are committed to continuously improving our platform with updates which are completed every 6 weeks
  • Provide feedback as a member of the Flight Data Connect community and derive benefits from upgrades – help guide our system developments
  • Flight Data Connect is a lower-cost way for businesses to use as needed, rather than license every application on every device
  • We offer a scalable solution for operators, reducing the need to predict scale of demand and investment up front – you can migrate your level of service as required

Data Transfer

Our Flight Data Analysis package incorporates a Data Transfer Unit (DTU) which is used to upload. A DTU will use an automatic data download process, eliminating human error when sending data.

The DTU is provided on a lease basis so that Flight Data Services takes full responsibility for the operation of the unit. The lease will include:

  • Supply of DTU including all software
  • Supply of a download procedure manual
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Hardware maintenance by dispatch of a replacement unit within 24 hours


If you need help extracting data from your Flight Data Recorder (FDR) we can arrange for a modification of your aircraft.

We offer the following design, modification and installation services for flight data recording systems:

  • EASA Approved installation design
  • Installation kit manufacture

Need more information on data transfer? Speak to our data transfer team Contact us.

Training Courses

Whether you are new to the world of FDM/FOQA and would like to learn more or you have a full FOQA plan implemented in your organization, Flight Data Services can provide training that will help you establish, enhance, and improve your program.

Other Training

Whether you are new to the world of FDM/FDAP/FOQA and would like to learn more or you have a full Flight Operations Quality Assurance plan implemented in your organization, Flight Data Services can provide training that will help you establish, enhance, and improve your program.

We also offers personalized training at customer selected locations.  For pricing and to schedule your personalized training, contact our office manager at:

UK Office: +44 (0)1392 223663 or via email.
US Office: +1 602 275 1966 or via email.
Asia Office: +65 6914 7716 or via email.

Data Extraction / Data Processing

We understand that data processing and information systems are vital to successful operations and to support strategic decision-making.

In addition to our core Flight Data Analysis service, our technical expertise in handling large volumes of data means that we can facilitate the extraction and processing of various data formats from the supplied flight data.

We have experience processing and extracting data for many different businesses across aviation, such as manufacturers, regulatory bodies and research programs.

We can extract data formats to support the following program(s):

  • Engine Health Monitoring
  • Aircraft Performance Monitoring
  • Fuel Conservation
  • Customized Formats

We work with service providers including IATA, Rolls Royce, Flyht, Skytrac and Aerotech Research to deliver flight data processing services on their behalf.

By working closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements we deliver integrated flight data services that are flexible and tailored to the needs of the customer.

For more information on how we can help you get the right information from your flight data, please contact us via our online form.

Case Studies

To illustrate how we've helped companies improve flight safety in their operations, we have assembled a number of case studies that we think will be of interest to you. They show how skilled analysis and implementation of safety actions by trained personnel can make a real impact on safety.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to achieve the maximum in safety while enhancing operational efficiency.

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